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Quality medical billing services at a lower price

medical billing fee structure:

Billing and coding companies has their own pricing policies. We offer average medical billing collection rates to work on revenue cycle management process. But first, we will determine the amount of work required in running the medical practice. In general, our medical billing fee structure is based on percentage of the amount a practitioner actually receives from insurance companies.
To your benefit, we don’t have any hidden charges, setup cost or medical billing training cost. We only aim to reduce the billing hassles at a low price to let you make the most of your services.

How our rates are fixed?

Since we don’t charge for the setup cost, our rates are affordable for complete RCM services. The prices may vary according to the doctor specialties, but we’re confident that by reducing your expenses, we can add to the revenue in your operational costs. Our outsource medical billing services are meant to increase the productivity in your operations. Plus, the rates would never exceed your budget anytime.

Note: There is a separate charge for “Provider credentialing & enrollment” and some of the Value-added services.

RCM services

  • Demographic Entry
  • Eligibility And Benefits Verification
  • Charge Entry Process
  • Electronic Claim Submission
  • Paper Claim Submission
  • ERA Payment Posting
  • EOB Payment Posting
  • Denials Management / Rejections
  • AR Follow Up
  • Claims Appeals Management
  • Patient Inquiries / Calls
  • Basic Reporting

medical coding compliance

we are constantly working towards the highest level of HIPAA compliance possible

We can help you establish HIPAA Compliance:

Frequent Ask Questions (FAQ’s)?

MassBillsMD is one of the recognized medical billing services in the USA that work in compliance with government policies and programs. By staying abreast of all coding development and your regulations and guidelines, our experienced team brings the best for you. When you choose us, you wouldn’t be charged for any setup costs, but also you can save 30-40% on operational costs. In addition, we can also work on your software with a secure FTP or HIPAA-compliant document exchange.
We have a certified team of professional billing experts who can assist in all types of medical specialties. Our major expertise includes internal medicine, hospitalists, pain management, endocrinology, radiology, and physical therapy. But we aren’t limited to these only; we are flexible to adapt to your requirements and give solutions that reduce the hassles. Call us to discuss more details about your requirements and the solutions we have for you.
Yes, definitely! First, our Account Managers will be in contact with you, who will analyze all your medical billing needs on a regular basis. According to your requirements, the managers will assign a dedicated team of billing and coding specialists to each project. We believe a focused team can derive solutions which will be beneficial for you in the long-term and can help you in providing the best medical care to your patients.

It’s impossible for any medical billing company to go ahead with the process until they are HIPAA compliant. MassBillsMD understands the importance of your data confidentiality and security. That’s why we prioritize HIPAA guidelines for the safe and secure patient information. We take all the safety measures in-house as well as when we’re transferring the files. Our whole team is trained in their initial period on privacy, security, and confidentiality practices so they can stay on top of the HIPAA policies. Plus, we never share your information with the third party and all your contractual agreements remain between us only and are maintained up-to date.

Yes, it is! The account manager assigned to your project can be easily reached through email, phone or any other mode of communication. Even you can take regular updates to know everything about your project.
Every office has their unique set of requirements and a different mode of working. But the price depends on the amount of the work which requires in running the practice and it’s also determined by the patient as well as the payer. MassBillsMD provide these services in the competitive pricing as compared to other medical billers in USA. We based our prices on receivables percentage (the cost a practitioner actually receives from the insurance companies). Other than this, there’s no hidden cost. We have only aim and that is to reduce the cost while giving you valuable services.
When you choose us for your healthcare revenue cycle management project, we know you’d be curious to know about its updates regularly. So, know that all our communication channels are open, and we’re just a phone or email away from you. Even you can take updates through instant messaging or telephone. Our managers will assist in the best way they can.
Once we received the check or EOB copy from the doctor’s office via our secure FTP server, we sent it to the payment review department. The team then reviews every EOB with meticulous details and enters the payment into the billing software against the specific patient account. The errors, over and under payments are immediately rectified, and essential refund requests or appeals are generated. We then forward it to the analysts to process it further.
We charge a reasonable amount for complete cycle medical billing and collections. Since, every specialty is different so prices may vary. We believe that by reducing the cost of medical billing services and increasing the quality, we’d positively impact the operational costs.
Yes! If you need references to satisfy your queries, our managers can assist you with that whenever it’s appropriate. We have a team of experts who are experienced in medical billing services. Not only this, we have also assisted a huge number of medical practitioners, healthcare centers, and hospitals.
Yes, you can! Our managers conduct weekly meetings to discuss the status of the project or to generate weekly or monthly reports. But if there’s something important and our clients request a meeting, then we’re also available for that. The objective here to clear the ambiguity so you can be confident about us.
We start from scratch to make sure the transition goes well. First, we ensure that all details are collected before the transition takes place, and then we gather all the minute to major information from your office. The information includes all records of the present billing and collections cycle. After having all the required information, we scrutinize your current billing practices to rectify the lagging, shortcomings and other errors. Based on the problems, we create efficient solutions and then discuss it with you so you can also have clarity on the process. We then educate your staff for the responsibilities they need to handle. After all this step by step process, our team understands the protocols and guidelines you’ve set in place for with other specifics concerning the practice. At last, a few dry runs will be conducted to make sure every nook and cranny of the billing and collection process works diligently and your requirements are fulfilled. Each of our team members works together to ensure a smooth transition of the process.

– Patient demographics

– Insurance information

– Patient registration forms

– Hospital face sheets with procedures and diagnosis

– Encounter sheets

Additionally, you can also speak to our managers to know all the requirements of the project or to satisfy your questions.

Well, AR requires a lot of hard work. To come with an effective AR management strategy is an important part of running a successful medical billing business. It’s impossible without an attention-to-detail attitude. Our team focuses to assess, prioritize and take follow-ups on EOBs and claims. They are also trained on accurate collection methodologies which are in compliance with state and federal laws. In addition, our AR analysts delve in deep into the denied claims which aren’t approved by the carriers or have received rejections from the clearing house. Then we take the necessary actions to collect outstanding AR. Collecting AR is a crucial process and we make sure only the right people are assigned on this task.
Well, there are a lot of medical billing companies in the USA and all of them claim to be perfect. But what’s different about us is that we solely work for your benefit. Our dedicated team owns the medical billing certification and works hard to grow your business and make it hassle-free. And most importantly, we don’t commit to projects that we can’t handle. We only do what we are good at so you can get the time to focus on the patient care.
We take follow ups on the unpaid claims whether it’s by the insurance carriers or by the patients. But if the non-payment is for legitimate reasons for example, lack of coverage or medical records, we can’t reprocess the claim without taking additional information. If the claim remains unpaid for more than the required time, we take follow up with an appeal.
You can check it through the secure portal, email or instant messaging anytime you want.
Through our performance reports which we provide to our clients weekly or also month-end reports that include aged summary reports, procedure code usage reports, collection by carrier reports and year to year analysis. We also make sure that the reports are easy to follow for clients especially for financial analysis and comparisons.
Yes! We’d be happy to answer patient queries during our office hours.
Yes! Our team can login via browser or the VPN to work on your software via a secure network. Also, we follow all the important security measures to avoid any type of data breaches.

Managing patient collections is one of the most important tasks in the billing process and our team is highly well-versed in this. MassBillsMD patient’s responsibility management services include sending patient statements on time. Sometimes, it can be adjusted according to client preferences. Apart from that, we also follow with a demand letter and phone calls because timely follow-ups are important in obtaining quick reimbursements.